Hear what people are saying about The Helios Projects…

“In Haiti, numerous church leaders and staff members are poorly trained or not equipped at all to effectively do their work.  Accordingly, they cannot suffice the need of their members. These churches either remain stagnant or decline.  HELIOS will change this situation.”

Rev. Profaite Medeus, Senior Pastor of Cities Christian Church, Port-au-Prince, HAITI

“There are devices in China that have an audio Bible on them and maybe some songs, but there is nothing with teaching like you do.  Your teaching will be much appreciated by Chinese pastors and Christian workers and by me as well. It’s the teaching I’m after.  I love HELIOS.”


Priscilla Guo, Professional English Translator, Beijing, CHINA


In his best English, this Cuban pastor heard of The HELIOS Projects and had to write me.  It is a very tender letter. “Dear brothers ministry Helios. Who writes is pastor Roelvis Campos Martinez, with my wife Tailin Manso Columbie we serve the Lord in the city of Santa Fe, on the Isle of Youth, Cuba.  I’m national director of our theological Univercidad, we are working in 20 mission fields. We have the urgent necessity for our workers and others who are in training, but no materials, is for this reason that we write praying the Lord open our doors and we can reserve this beautiful Helios program.  We pray that the Lord bless you in a special way, being this high necessary, we also have many workers in eastern country that Helios would be a great blessing for ministerial development.”
Pastor Roelvis Campos Martinez, Santa Fe, CUBA

“The HELIOS Projects are wonderful. We have the pastors and church members in the mountains that can’t read.  The pastors of Haiti will be very happy to receive HELIOS.  We need these projects to help our leaders grow in the Word.”


Excellent Figaro, Haitian Director of Operations, Haiti Share

“I admire your HELIOS projects.  In Haiti we’re many untrained pastors. Your project will help to reach them and they will become effective leaders for the advance of the kingdom of God.  I encourage you to pursue this project by looking for partners for supporting it.  I pray that God open doors for you.”


Rev. Sylvain Exantus, President, Protestant Federation of HAITI

Even though Cai has had no training in Bible or Christian theology himself, he operates a Bible school to train Chinese House Church pastors.  He knows the benefit that HELIOS will be to his students as well as to himself.  He says, “Our students can’t afford to leave our province in central China to receive Bible training. HELIOS will mean so much to us. It is very much needed in China.”


Cai Xun Wu, Meng Cheng County, An Hui Province, CHINA

Chai is literally “a man without a country.”  He was deported from China for teaching the Bible.  In Chai’s own words, “I was kicked out of China.”  Now he holds Bible classes with the same students moving between Cambodia and Thailand.  He comments, “With HELIOS it will be much easier to train pastors and Christian workers because we wouldn’t have to keep moving them around.”


Chai Lip Vu, Somewhere in Southeast ASIA

“Of the 14 million Haitians, 95 percent are estimated Christians, 50 percent evangelicals. But at least 50 percent of the Haitian pastors have not had any formal Bible training. HELIOS will be more than welcome to Haiti.”


Ludwig Gresseau, Linguist for Operation Mobilization in HAITI

“For good, biblical, systematic training, there is nothing like HELIOS.   It’s by far the best there is.”


"Barnabas,” Hong Kong, CHINA