HELIOS God’s Story

HELIOS God’s Story – also referred to, in English, as HELIOS GS – has the tagline “Telling God’s Story.” It is 282 sessions covering the 372 most important stories of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. With each session being about 16 minutes in length, the entire Project is just over 70 hours in length.

Think of HELIOS GS as a Bible commentary but as covered or told through the stories of the Bible.

HELIOS GS has been translated, recorded and is available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.
HELIOS GS is being translated and recorded in Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Nepali, Russian, and Swahili.
The next few languages in which we are looking to start translating and recording HELIOS GS are Afrikaans, Creole, French, Mandarin, and Thai.
Here is a listing of the 6 sections of the HELIOS GS Project:
    • Section #1 – Stories of Ancient Times {42 sessions / 72 stories}
    • Section #2 – Stories of Judges, Kings and Preaching Prophets {54 sessions / 75 stories}
    • Section #3 – Stories of Writing Prophets {46 sessions / 54 stories}
    • Section #4 – Stories of Jesus the Savior {61 sessions / 67 stories}
    • Section #5 – Stories of the Apostles {76 sessions / 98 stories}
    • Section #6 – Stories of the Future {3 sessions / 6 stories}
For a full listing of each session in the HELIOS GS Project, you can download the session list:
Audio Sample
Here are audio samples of the HELIOS GS Project Section 1, Session 1 – Stories of Ancient Times, God Creates the World: