The HELIOS Projects are a series of teaching tools featuring the Bible and theology training of Dr. Woodrow Kroll, former President and Senior Bible Teacher of the international radio broadcast Back to the Bible.

The Projects get their name from the ancient Greek word for the sun, ἥλιος (helios). It is a a cognate with the Latin word sol (as in solar). The name was chosen because one of the chief ways to provide the Projects is on a Solar powered audio player.

The goal of the HELIOS Projects is to put a Bible and Christian faith education in the hand of the 95% of pastors worldwide with little or no Bible or theology training {see “The Need“}.

While the HELIOS Projects would be of great benefit to any Christian looking to grow in their understanding of the Bible and the Christian faith (perhaps you), the main focus of the HELIOS Projects is on reaching those pastors and Christian workers with the most obstacles to receiving such training. It is this focus that dictates what the HELIOS Projects are, how they are delivered and why we (Woodrow Kroll Ministries) do the things we do.

For those pastors and Christian workers with the most obstacles, the HELIOS Projects are:

  • Comprehensive in Scope – The Projects cover every Christian doctrine {see HELIOS CT} and every book of the Bible {see HELIOS GS} and not just some limited areas of the Christian faith or the Bible. This addresses the obstacle of limited or selective information that so often develops into or accepts faulty teachings.
  • Experienced in Content – The Projects are taught by one teacher, Dr. Woodrow Kroll who has studied and taught God’s Word for over 50 years (including 23 years on Back to the Bible radio). This overcomes the obstacles of unproven instruction or conflicting understandings on various portions of the Bible or Christian faith.
  • Audio in Format – The Projects are primarily presented as audio teachings that are being translated into some of the most common languages in the world like Afrikaans, Creole, English, Hindi, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili and Thai {see “The Teams“}. This overcomes the obstacles of literacy and language that keep so many from other Christian resources.
  • Conversational in Style – The Projects are recorded by Dr. Kroll as one friend sitting down at the table (or on the ground or in the field) with another friend. It is one friend who wants to know more about the Bible or the Christian faith getting to sit down with a new friend who has been studying them for over 50 years and simply talking about them. This overcomes the obstacles of orality and presents these truths in a way that most of the world learns.
  • Practical in Delivery – The Projects are made available on two different kind of units: a Solar powered audio player or a USB Drive. The Solar unit is smaller than a cell phone, never needs electricity, requires no other technology, and is easy to use. The USB unit comes with standard USB and micro USB ends to allow use of the audio files on the users own PC, tablet or smartphone. This overcomes the obstacles of technology or the need for additional technology.

A bonus feature of the Solar unit is that it can be loaded with an audio Bible.

A bonus feature of the USB unit is that it comes with a PDF copy of the notes of the Project(s).

  • Affordable in Price – The Units are sold in the United States at a price of $100, which covers the cost of the unit for the one buying it and covers at least one of the same units for an untrained pastor or Christian worker. Around the world, we ask pastors and Christian workers to pay a price adjusted by a system called market basket pricing to meet the economic reality of the place that they live. For example: a unit would be $8 in Brazil; $3 in India; $2 in Kenya; and $6 in South Africa. This overcomes the obstacle of limited finances that many of the untrained pastors and Christian workers face.

There are two Projects: HELIOS Christian Theology (CT) and HELIOS God’s Story (GS). HELIOS CT is “talking through the Christian faith” while HELIOS GS is “telling God’s Story.” Look at the page for each Project to learn more about them.