The world has entered the electronic age.  Even many remote areas of the world are populated by people with cell phones and laptops.  By 2016, 96 percent of the people of the world owned and used a cellphone.  There are more than 400,000,000 computers in China alone.  For computer users, a HELIOS Solar is not necessary.  We’ll provide the same teaching on HELIOS Flash, a USB flash drive.  This flash drive needs no Wi-Fi, no Bluetooth, and no computer.  And, for those countries closed to the gospel, it has a self-destruct feature that will erase the flash drive on demand.

With HELIOS Flash the student user can both listen to and read the teaching of the three HELIOS projects, along with Bible maps, Bible lists and other helpful learning aids. However, for those in mountainous regions of inland China or the bush country of Africa the HELIOS Solar version is more appropriate.  With either version, they get the same inspiring teaching from Dr. Woodrow Kroll.