The Greek ἥλιος is the ancient word for the sun, a cognate with the Latin sol (as in solar). In this case, HELIOS stands for the solar-powered teaching of God’s Word and essentials of the Christian faith.

Every once in a while something so powerful, so ingenious, so wonderful comes along you find yourself saying, “Why didn’t we do that before?”  That’s the way many people feel about HELIOS.

The HELIOS Projects are a series of teaching tools featuring the Bible and theology teaching of Dr. Woodrow Kroll, former President and Senior Bible Teacher of the international Bible-teaching radio broadcast Back to the Bible.

The actual teaching is called HELIOS with Woodrow Kroll, plus the tagline “A Bible and Christian faith education right in your hand.”    The name was chosen because it reflects both the product and the instructor.  Since the word “Helios” is used in a variety of business contexts, we wanted to identify specifically what this “Helios” was all about.  In addition, Dr. Woodrow Kroll is internationally known as a world-class Bible teacher.

The HELIOS Projects: have programs that are currently planned and in development.  Those programs are:

  • HELIOS CT – “Talking Thru the Christian Faith” [a complete A to Z study in Christian theology done in a non-threatening, conversational style]
  • HELIOS GS – “Telling God’s Story” [a retelling of the 400 most important stories in the Bible with appropriate spiritual and theological lessons]
  • HELIOS FF – “The Foundations of Faith” [basic Bible doctrines, for those who are encountering the Christian faith for the first time or those with minimal knowledge of the faith].

Each of these three projects is set in about 200 sessions of 20-22 minutes for each session.  That way the listener will get the maximum benefit from The HELIOS Projects.

In addition, The HELIOS Projects are presented in four delivery systems which are:

  • HELIOS Flash – HELIOS with Woodrow Kroll  on flash drive [for use in any device with a USB port, without the need of Wi-Fi or the Internet];
  • HELIOS Solar – HELIOS with Woodrow Kroll  on solar device [for use anywhere; HELIOS Solar never needs electricity to operate];
  • HELIOS Print – HELIOS with Woodrow Kroll  in downloadable book form;  [for use on your computer screen or print your own book]
  • HELIOS App – HELIOS with Woodrow Kroll  in a downloadable app for any mobile device [for use on your cell phone regardless of platform].