Today there are 2,000,000 pastors of churches who have absolutely no training in the Bible or theology and yet they struggle to feed their flock. And then there are the Christian leaders or leaders of house churches or Bible study groups who also have no training in God’s Word or the Christian faith. When you add them to the total of untrained pastors, the numbers are staggering. They need our help.

HELIOS with Woodrow Kroll is made affordably available to pastors and leaders in economically-challenged countries.  In order to fund this great undertaking, The Psalm 119 Association, doing ministry as Woodrow Kroll Ministries, is seeking the partnership of hundreds of God’s people who share our burden to train these untrained pastors and church leaders.

Without this training, Christians in countries that are economically challenged are easy targets for the cults and doomed in their desire to grow toward full maturity in Christ.

The cost for one HELIOS with Woodrow Kroll audio player or USB drive is just $180 and includes the manufacture of the audio player by MegaVoice, inclusion of the entire audio Bible (solar units only) plus hundreds of hours of Woodrow Kroll’s teaching (CT and GS Projects), and delivery to church leaders within the target country.

Untrained Pastors on Earth

US Dollars: Trains One Pastor (unit with both CT and GS)

Languages: Our projects are being translated into nine languages (and more to come).