All HELIOS content was researched, written and produced by Dr. Woodrow Kroll.  Currently this content is being translated and produced in these five languages:

English Team, Leader

ENGLISH TEAM Woodrow Kroll, Leader

WOODROW KROLL lives in the big town of Ashland, Nebraska, USA (population 2,543).  The former President and Senior Bible Teacher of the international radio program Back to the Bible retired in 2013, but was only retired 4-5 days when God moved him to initiate the HELIOS Projects.  From his study in  the Heartland of America, Dr. Kroll has created all the content for each of the HELIOS Projects and has been the “voice” in English for those projects.




SPANISH TEAM Pablo Logacho, Leader

PABLO LOGACHO lives in Quito, ECUADOR and is both the coordinator of our HELIOS Spanish and the “voice” for the project.  Pablo’s translation and recording of  HELIOS CT “Talking Thru the Christian Faith” in Spanish was the first international language beyond English to complete this major project to train untrained pastors and Christian leaders.  In addition to his work on HELIOS, Pablo also serves two ministries in Ecuador – Compassion International and he hosts the Bible-teaching Spanish radio program La Biblia Dice . . . .




RUSSIAN TEAM Vladimir Lebedev, Leader

VLADIMIR LEBEDEV is from Khabarovsk, RUSSIA but currently lives near Chicago, Illinois in the US and is working on his PhD degree at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.  Vladimir and Woodrow Kroll have a mutual friend – Dwayne King, a pioneer missionary-pilot in Far Eastern Russia.  Dwayne and Dr. Kroll were ministering at the same event in October, 2014  and when he heard about HELIOS, Dwayne said, “Russian pastors need HELIOS right now.”  Dr. Kroll explained that he needed a Russian translator and voice first to which Dwayne said, “I have just the guy.”  The rest, as they say, is history.


MANDARIN.  The HELIOS Mandarin Project is at the top of our list with regard to importance.  The reason?  While there are 527 million native English speakers in our world, there are 1.39 billion native Chinese speakers.  We have not provided the picture or names of our Mandarin translator or our Mandarin “voice” for security reasons.  We ask your prayers for them as their task is particularly difficult.



THAI TEAM Jayna Kaeswila, Leader

JANYA KAEWSILA lives in Bangkok, THAILAND.  We began HELIOS Thai with her boss Nok Sirikul, who was the head of Thailand Campus Crusade and a busy pastor.  But when Pastor Sirikul died suddenly on April 29, 2016, his wife Laya stepped up to take over the project in Thailand as the coordinator.  Janya has worked closely with the Sirikuls for many years and has assumed the responsibility of coordinating the translation of the HELIOS Thai project.




CREOLE TEAM Ludwig Gresseau, Leader

LUDWIG GRESSEAU is from Port-au-Prince, HAITI.  Ludwig is a linguist and the country coordinator for Operation Mobilization (OM) in Haiti.  He speaks six different languages.  His knowledge of Haiti and the Haitian people, along with his unique linguistic abilities, will serve the HELIOS Creole projects well. We are happy to have an OM leader working with our HELIOS projects in Haiti.




AFRIKAANS TEAM Marc Blackwell, Leader

MARC BLACKWELL, JR is a church planter in the area of Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA.  Marc is from an American missionary family who have given their lives to the people of South Africa.  The church Woodrow Kroll grew up in as a child supported Marc’s parents on the field, and now Marc.  Marc’s business sense and coordinating skills make him the perfect country coordinator for the HELIOS Projects in South Africa.  He also has the support of good people around him which is always a blessing.




SWAHILI TEAM Bramuel Musya, Leader

BRAMUEL MUSYA is from Nairobi, KENYA.  Bramuel is the founder and CEO of Straight Path Resources which is an African ministry equipping and empowering indigenous pastors, evangelists, church planters and disciple-makers with training and resources for taking the Gospel to every person and a healthy church to every community.  Woodrow Kroll met Bramuel at the International Orality Network convention in Houston, Texas in October 2016 and almost immediately Bramuel knew he wanted to be involved in the HELIOS Projects.




PORTUGUESE TEAM Leandro Tarrataca, Leader

LEANDRO TARATACCA is from Sao Paulo, BRAZIL.   Leandro has had a Bible-teaching radio and TV ministry throughout Brazil for many years.  He heard of the HELIOS Projects from others and emailed Woodrow Kroll to ask when it might be ready in Portuguese.  Dr. Kroll’s response: “As soon as you can get it done.”  Leandro holds a PhD in Christian Education and was named the Alumnus of the Year by his alma mater, Calvary University of Kansas City, Missouri in the USA.