Reports from the Field

Brazil and Ecuador, Spring 2021
– While we have faced many difficulties, restrictions and even the death of loved ones here in the United States because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the situation for many of our brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ around the world have, and continue to face much greater difficulties and restrictions.

Many of our ministry donors have given over the 8-10 months so that we could send nearly $40,000 in gifts to help our translation and distributions teams around the world. We thought you might like to hear some reports from them. In spite of all the obstacles this pandemic has put in front of them, they have continued on in ministry, and in many cases have added additional ministry.

Leandro Tarrataca (Portuguese, Brazil) shares, “We are so thankful that our good Lord has used your life to give us comfort and encouragement! Honestly I do not know what we would do without your prayers and generosity. I have been in ministry for 30 years and this is the most difficult time to lead in ministry ever.

Leandro’s ministry before Covid included an after-school program each day at their camp for local children – including Bible stories, help with homework, food, friendship and encouragement. Covid-19 restrictions shut all that down. So…Leandro found another way!

He shares, “We are working hard to assist 90 families on a monthly basis. We are giving them a basket of food and emotional and spiritual assistance. Last month we were able to give the kids chocolate eggs which is very traditional in Brazil during Easter time, but also we gave them an illustrated booklet that explains how we celebrate Jesus resurrection. Oh, the kids were sooo happy!

Our ministry did not provide all of their help, but we were able to partner with others and provide some of this help that they all so desperately needed. Thank you and Praise the Lord!

Pablo Logacho (Spanish, Ecuador) shares, “Since the government of Ecuador is running a program to vaccinate the elderly people first, I was with my dad when he was called to be vaccinated. We waited on a line, on the street, under the rain for 6 hours before he finally got the shot. More than 3 thousand people were waiting on the line that day, and we were lucky to be there just 6 hours, the media reported people who waited for over 12 hours. So, it occurred to me that, if people are there waiting with no other option but to be patient, we have a perfect audience to preach the gospel!…”

So, Nelson, Xavier and myself, together with the pastor of our church and other 4 brothers in Christ from other churches, went the next week to the same spot. We brought water, crackers, and evangelistic tracks to give away. We prayed for those waiting and preached the gospel for those in the line. The government people were so happy ( which is very strange) they even invited us to go back and help the people on the line. We prayed for the government staff coordinating the vaccination program and invited them to come to Jesus and to hear more about him at our church. It was amazing, God keeps teaching us that we should give as much or more of what we received. You are part of this joy, so, thankyou again for making this possible.

Thank you for giving. Keep Praying! Follow their example and share the ministry and love of Jesus with those around you!

Quito, Ecuador, January 2020
Pablo Logacho, our Spanish translator and the leader of La Biblia Dice, lead a team back to the December 25 village that our ministry visited in November 2019. When we were there in November, they were just building the church building but they still had to carry water from the river.

Since our visit in November, Pablo and other visited for a baptism; one of our donors gave for a water pump, water filtration system and water cistern could be installed for the church; and brothers and sisters in Christ in Quito gave food, clothing and toys for the children of the village.

Enjoy the pictures taken by Pablo and the videos put together by La Biblia Dice to share the blessings of God happening in the December 25 village (yes, that is really the name of the village). Continue to pray for the pastor, Tomas, and his family and ministry partners as they share the gospel of Jesus Christ in this area.

Quito, Ecuador, November 11, 2019 – I (Timothy Kroll) just finished a one-week trip to Ecuador to visit with Pablo Logacho and the ministry partners serving with La Biblia Dice. Pablo and his team, including Nelson Cabrera and David Vega, were responsible for the translation and recording of the Spanish HELIOS CT and GS Projects.

La Biblia Dice has multiple radio and Internet programs sharing the Gospel and teaching the Word of God. They also help coordinate various teaching and training events in Ecuador and other countries of South America.

I went to talk with them about distribution in Ecuador and the rest of South America. Pray as we continue to look at setting up a network of contacts and a system for getting the word out about the HELIOS Projects.

However, the greater part of the trip was traveling outside Quito to share God’s Word and the HELIOS Projects with groups of pastors and Christian leaders in more rural areas. On our way to Puyo, we passed through the small village of Shell – the mission station of Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, Ed McCully, Peter Fleming and Roger Youderian.

Check out the video and pictures to see some of the beauty of Ecuador, the testimony of Tomas (a rural, jungle pastor), and the presentation of HELIOS units to pastors and Christian leaders in the areas in and around the towns of Puyo and Riobamba.

Perhaps one of the greatest blessings of the trip was having a local Christian leader tell us that the two-day gathering in Puyo included all five Baptist churches in the area – the first time they all had done anything together for years. It was the HELIOS Projects that brought them together. I pray that it will be used of God to continue to bring them together as they accomplish their mission – “Each one win one and each church plant one!”

Nairobi, Kenya, May 13, 2019 – “Tunahitaji hili haraka!” (Swahili for “We need this urgently!”) “Tunaweza kupata nini?” (Swahili for “When can we get it?”) These are just some of the excited responses heard at the dedication of the HELIOS CT Swahili project.

Bramuel Musya, the head of our Swahili translation team and the president of SPEAR Africa, invited dozens of pastors and Christian leaders from the towns and villages that he regularly ministers in, to come to a special dedication celebration for our HELIOS CT Swahili project.

Over 50 servants of the Lord came – some traveling hours to get to the celebration. The event started with morning tea time (remember it was a British colony), then a time of worship, a sharing of the ministry of SPEAR Africa, a time in God’s Word (with Bramuel’s pastor, Julius), a sharing of the HELIOS Projects, a dedication of the newly completed HELIOS CT Swahili project, and finally lunch together.

Somewhere between 50 and 100 million people speak Swahili and it is the official language of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, as well as being a recognized language in Burundi, Rwanda, and Mozambique. Over 85% of the national pastors and Christian leaders serving in these countries have NO Bible or Theology training.

Your giving to the HELIOS Projects made the celebration possible – the cost of translating and recording the HELIOS CT Project in Swahili; the tea-time and lunch for all the pastors and leaders; and the copy of a small book written by Dr. Kroll for each pastor or leader.

Enjoy the video or look through the pictures to “join” us for the celebration. To all our ministry donors, thank you for making this all possible. Praise the Lord.

At the end of April 2019, the Woodrow Kroll Ministries and North Syracuse Baptist Church sent a team of five to eastern Cuba to serve with a team of three from Havana and the Cuban Council of Churches.

On Monday (April 29), the U.S. team landed in Holguin and met up with the Cuban team who had traveled since the morning before and from Havana. The first distribution was that afternoon at a Friends (Quaker) church in Holguin.

On Tuesday (April 30), we stayed in the Holguin area. Our first distribution of the day was at a Nazarene church, the second was at a newer Baptist Church on the outskirts of Holguin. Between the two distributions, our group was able to join a few Holguin pastors on a mountain overlooking the city and to pray for Holguin (third largest city in Cuba).

On Wednesday (May 1), we drove from Holguin to Santiago (second largest city in Cuba) and then to Guantanamo for the afternoon. While we were not able to distribute any HELIOS units on this day, we were able to meet with three Guantanamo leaders and give them hundreds of units to distribute to the pastors and Christian leaders in the area.

On Thursday (May 2), we visited three churches (Pentecostal, Lutheran, Salvation Army) in Santiago for distribution. The second church was so packed that they had people sitting in every chair and every space of the floor (including the only aisle) from the platform through the foyer.

On Friday (May 3), the U.S. members of our team headed back to the United States and the Cuban members of our team headed back for Havana. In four short days, we distributed, or left to be distributed, 5,000 HELIOS units (Solar and USB) to our Cuban brothers and sisters in Christ called to be His servants in that country.

We praise the Lord for His goodness and we thank all the HELIOS champions who made this trip and distribution of 5,000 HELIOS units possible.

The first week of February a team of five intrepid Americans was in CUBA to distribute 4,000 HELIOS CT “Talking Thru the Christian Faith” Spanish devices.  God’s blessing was evident every minute of every day.

We have been preparing for this week for more than 2 years.  I made 2 exploratory trips to CUBA in 2014 to assess both the need of untrained pastors and the feasibility of distributing HELIOS CT throughout the island.  Dr. George Miller III, Senior Pastor of the North Syracuse Baptist Church and the vice-chairman of the Woodrow Kroll Ministries board of directors, opened the doors for us with the Cuban government.  He and his church have been ministering in CUBA for several years and he is well respected by the Cuban Director of Religious Affairs.

I wanted to share some of the photos that demonstrate both the critical need in CUBA among pastors and church leaders who are completely untrained in the Bible and Christian faith and the brilliant way in which The HELIOS Projects are meeting that need.

Of course, 4,000 HELIOS CT Spanish devices was only enough for the pastors in 4 of the 14 Cuban provinces.  That means we must return in the fall with an additional 5,000 units.

Since the units are $120 each for an entire course of 199 sessions of teaching (each session being 20-22 minutes), we must find partners who have a heart for training untrained pastors in economically-challenged countries.   Your partnership would be appreciated.

Woodrow Kroll
The HELIOS Projects